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Hey, Jessica! Where do you want to go first when you come to Korea?
Of course, the beach! I really love summer because I like swimming and sunbathing. Which place is good for that in Korea

I recommend you to go to the east coast. There are lots of beautiful beaches and bathing resorts, thats why many Koreans go to the east coast when they have summer vacation. Compared to the other two seas in Korea, the East Sea is so pure and blue. The clear blue color of the East Sea has been loved by many Koreans, especially by young couples.

Yes, I remembered that I had a wonderful time with my friends while having summer vacation there. I loved the sea, and both the sunrise and sunset were so beautiful. I could understand why so many people went to the east coast before dawn on New Year? Day.
I can imagine how beautiful it is!
That's not all, Michael. There are also two beautiful islands on the East Sea; Ulleungdo island and Dokdo island.
Oh, I heard those names before. Is it true that people can travel to Dokdo? Which province does Ulleungdo and Dokdo belong to?
Yes, you can go to Dokdo at any time via Ulleungdo island, and those two islands belong to Gyeongsangbuk-do. I had a chance to explore the islands of Ulleungdo & Dokdo last year with my friends. It was fantastic! The landscapes and foods were really unforgettable. Even though I had a headache from seasickness, it was worth traveling to. If you have in mind a place you want to visit, I strongly suggest taking some
anti-seasickness pills before you get on the boat.
Ulleung-gun (The official website of Ulleung-gun) http://www.ulleung.go.kr
Cyber Dokdo (Guide to Dokdo Island) http://www.dokdo.go.kr
Three Things Most Recognized and Five Things with the Most Quantity of Ulleungdo
- Three Things Most Well-Known for in Ulleungdo: thieves, pollution, and snakes
- Five Things that Ulleungdo has a lot of: aromatic trees, winds, beautiful women,
  water and the stones