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Inje     Inje-gun County, Gangwon-do (Province), Rep. of Korea

Inje gun is famous for its beautiful nature. Over ninety percent of the region is formed of mountains or valleys, such as Mt. Seoraksan, Mt. Bangtaesan, Daecheong Peak, and Naerincheon Valley, etc. You can take a trip to several mineral water springs and natural forest resorts as well. It is also the best place for the various leisure tours, such as rafting, bungee jumping, MTB, paragliding, four wheel biking, or climbing an artificial waterfall!

Dear My Friends,
Do you have any places to go in Korea in mind? When I feel tired and depressed in my life, just thinking of the place, Naerincheon, makes me feel relaxed and refreshed. If you come to Naerincheon, you can’t help being amazed at the beauty of it.

Naerincheon is located in the northern part of South Korea. It takes about three hours to get there by car. The 70 kilometer stream starts from Mt. Odaesan National Park, winds around the steep mountains and valleys, and flows into the North Hangang River. It is more beautiful, for it has various faces according to the changes in seasons. I dare to say it is one of the cleanest streams in Korea.

When spring comes, the thick ice of the valleys starts to melt. The Lenok, which is a type of salmon, starts to swim upstream to lay eggs. When you notice scarlet royal azaleas blossom along the stream and the water becomes cobalt blue, you can say summer has come. When fall comes in the valley, red and yellow leaves reflected toon the surface of the stream seem to dye the water red and yellow.

Winter in the valley has a short temper, so it doesn’t wait until December. We can see white snow sparkling all over the valley in early November. When you see this magnificent sight, you have no choice but to be spellbound. Whenever I go on a trip to the stream, I am often obsessed with the idea of flying into the sky. Maybe it is because Naerincheon provides us with the high and clear sky and fresh air and water. In reality, you can enjoy various leisure activities such as rafting, fly fishing, and mountain biking. The fast flowing water will allow you to enjoy rafting in the summer. You will be thrilled with the speeding raft and screaming from the company. If you are an adrenalin seeker, I strongly recommend rafting in Naerincheon.

Mountain biking is another attractive sport available in Naerincheon. The steep mountains and bumpy roads along the stream encourage you to pedal on your bike harder. The harder you pedal the more spectacular scenes you can see.

While those activities are allowed only in spring and summer, fly fishing can be enjoyed throughout all seasons. Have you ever gone fly fishing? My father and I really like to fly fish in Naerincheon. Because Lenok need very cold and clean water to live in, the stream serves as home to quite a few Lenok, a rare spice in Korea. The fact tells us that the water in Naerincheon is as clear as crystal.

I've heard that you foreigners enjoy fly fishing. Why don't you come and go fly fishing together? You can enjoy the fresh air from the surrounding valley, find the calm and beautiful landscape and develop an intimate relationship with nature. When you feel heavyhearted or suffocated by hard work, come to Korea, and visit Naerincheon. It will lift your burden of your life and give you great energy to keep moving on through life.

Just come and have fun at this fascinating place! Love, Junha

* More information: http://inje.gangwon.kr/home/english