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Overseas Korean
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1. Point of the Project :

In 993, when the Kitans with 800,000 soldiers invaded Goryeo, there was a General Seo Hee(942-998) of Goryeo(918-1392) confronting against them. He himself alone infiltrated into the enemy quarter and persuaded the Kitans General, So, Son-nyoung to return them to their country with no fighting. It was a shining result from brilliant diplomatic skill of Gen Seo Hee saving the country from a crisis to lose the entire territory.

We need many General Seo Hee of the 21st century who learn from the General and confront against the Chinese intention to transfer Korean history include Goguryeo into Chinese history.
Textbooks and internets in the world have very little of introduction about Korean history. And even that little information of Korea is distorted far from the historical truth. Well mail Publication post card set of Korean history and brochures to your home when you apply to be a General Seo Hee of the 21st century publish our history to confront against the distorted history which Chinese intends.

2. Case story per Publication Subject

1) Publicizing Korean history to foreign friend

Name : Jo, Hae-jin, General Seo Hee    Subject Country of Publication : USA
Story of he Publication: I have a Korean-American friend who was adopted to the American family at his young age. After we exchanged letters for about a month and built some friendship, my friend told me that she wanted to here things happening in Korea currently. I told her Korean matter in the international society than domestic matters. Because I have a great interest in history, I told her about the Northeast Asia Project of China in order to let her know of her own root. Eventually, we told a lot about Goguryeo.
I told her the history of Goguryeo based on the introduction of the VANK and she was so pleased to hear it. She told all that she learned about Korea from her American school was about Korean war, and some Chinese student who came to the USA currently told her Korean was originated from China and the history of Goguryeo was a part of their history. But she was grateful to me because she knew the story of her Chinese school mate was not true after she read my mail. And she asked me to tell more about Korean history. Even though she was adopted at her young age and is the American now, she knows that her root is always Korean. I respect her as she shows her concern and interest on Korean history. Im introducing her the Korean history by dividing it into 7 sections.

2) Publication of Korean history to the school

Name : James Kim, General Seo Hee    Subject Country of Publication : England
Story of he Publication: I live in London, England and my children dont know about Korean history since they were born here. I planed to introduce Korean history to my children and their schoolmates. My son used the publication post cards of Korean history while he reported of Korea in his classroom. He received high credit for well preparation of the materials. Each student selected a country that he or she like to report. My son told that his classmates loved so much of the post cards and Korean history written on the cards.

Name : Noh, Ji-eun, General Seo Hee      Subject Country of Publication : China
I visited the Senior High school attached to the Jeol Gang University which has a sister school relationship with our school. A friend whom I shared friendship was a team leader which our team was belonged. Since we learned the Chinese language at our school, I introduced myself and asked few questions like

3) Publicize of Korean history to foreign teacher of the school

Name : Lee, Soon Kyu, General Seo Hee     Subject Country of Publication : USA
Story of he Publication: I told the story of Goguryeo to Frank, a foreign teacher in my school. It was the time when the Northeast Asia project of China was heard to our ears in Korea and the Chinese government tried hardly to register the cultural heritage of Goguryeo with UNESCO. I told that the history of Goguryeo is Korean history, but China tries to snatch it from us. Teacher Frank replied me its interesting thing to hear. Even though my English was poor to explain all the details of the history, he was grateful for what I have tried to explain something about our history. I gave him some information and publication materials of Korean history, and he was pleased. I asked him to tell to other Americans about Korean history by using the post cards. He promised me to do so in a great joy.