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Overseas Korean
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1. Point of the Project

After the King Gwanggaeto the Great (375~413)became a king of Goguryeo(37BC ~ 668 AD), he expanded the largest territory and brought the golden age of Goguryeo. He expanded his territory toward all 4 directions and confirmed Goguryeo as the strongest country and the owner of Manchuria. We now want to have you to inherit his spirit and extend the territory of Korean culture toward the entire world in the 21st century. A King Gwanggaeto the Great of the 21st century is the one who conveys massive volume of the publication materials of Korea published by the VANK to Koreans in the entire world. Well mail various publication materials published by the VANK to introduce Korea to those whom we select as a King Gwanggaeto the Great. If anyone in abroad leading the Korean association or the Korean language school needs publishing materials of Korea you can be a King Gwanggaeto the Great of the 21st century. And anyone who is on oversea trip or volunteer service to abroad can be too.

2. Case story of Publication

1) Publication of Korea by Korean dinner of the school

Name : Hwang, Ye-seul, King Gwanggaeto the Great     Subject Country of Publication : Canada
Story of Publication: My school is St. Magarets School in Canada.
As an International school we have many students from various countries. And we have a special event to introduce their country.
We were busy from the morning of day of Korean Dinner to show our well prepared for over a month period. We had a great numbers of the staffs, teachers and local residents as well attending our Korean Dinner show. Prior to the Dinner start, we distributed Korean publication magazine to the attendants, and they shoed a great interesting to it. While they were waiting, each Korean student in traditional Korean dress was introduced one by one and gave a big bow. We had longer photo session than any other nations Dinner event. It might be because of the colors of Korean dress.

Finally we displayed the Fan Dance in pretty Korean dress and fans that shined the ultimate beauty. The guests were so impressed and the principal requested an encore. We served varieties of the Korean food, such as Gal-bi, Kim-chi, Jap-che, Eu-muk-bok-eum and etc.. People loved specially Jap-che and Gal-bi, and it didnt take a long time to out of food. After dinner, we resumed our performance with a visual for publication of Korea. When we began the performance with modern dance, with mixture of the songs of Bi, Seven and Sinhwa. We could feel the passion of the Koran heat here.

Nest was the Game time. Time to match the face that has been separated into mosaic. And we used various post card of Korean foods, Goguryeo post card stickers and history post cards for rewards. People loved them. After the game we had demonstration of Tae-gwon-do and performance of Nanta, which was so excited to all. We closed the event with the national anthem and words of appreciation to the VANK who supported a lot for this event successful. Even after the event closed, many people asked us to take picture together. Though there were certain ripples here and there, people praised it as the best dinner and performance after all.

2) Publication of Korea to many foreigners in abroad

Name : Choi, Seong-hyoun King Gwanggaeto the Great     Subject Country of Publication : Laos
Story of publication: Ive been to Vientien, Laos as a member of the 7th Internet young mans voluntary service in Abroad. We educated the teachers, government officers and college students on application of computers. I of course was a member of the IT voluntary service, but I was anxious to publicize Korean culture to them. I carried publication materials supplied by the VANK. Upon arrival at the field, I planned 5 events to publicize Korea effectively. Ill explain one by one.

1. Operation of the publication room of the publication materials of Korea - Exhibit the publication materials supplied by the VANK and explain to the students.

2. Operation of the publication room for Dokdo Island - Operate the publication room of "Beautiful Island of Korea Dokdo" with post cards and pictures of Dokdo.

3.Operation of the Visual publication room for Korean culture - Play the visual publication of Korea with Beam Project and Notebook during break times and Korean movie once a week.

4.Korea Food Festival - Prepare Gim-bab, Jap-che, Bul-Go-gi, Kim-chi-bu-chim-ge, rice cookie, Kim-chi-zige, Kim-chi and etc. and plan card and held the Korean Food festival.

5. Discussion on the Economical development and the present state of Korea with the students of the class of Korean language of the Laos University. - 4 session of discussion with the students to discuss the history of the economical development of Korea and the culture and history of Korea. Distribute the publication materials of Korea supplied by VANK.
In general, the student were very impressed about the new facts that they learned this time about Korea. And the student of the class of Korean language in Laos university showed a great interest and concerns in the history and economy of Korea as well as Korean language.

Korean food festival was the most successful event among many activities. And Jap-cheand Bul-go-gi were the most popular among them. It was my first experience to go to abroad. I wondered how much the people in Laos had any interest and concern in Korea, but I learned that I was wrong. They knew already a lot of Korea and were anxious to know more about Korea. It was a beneficial time for me to learn traditional culture of Laos in Laos. I think the Laos friends also enjoyed their time with us because they learned Korean culture during the time.