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Share E-pals Classroom Exchange with VANK

We, VANK as int'exchange voluntary organization in Korea, are going on with E-pals Classroom Exchange for sharing the ideas about other's cultures, languages, and everydays life.

Our students have good computer skill and they all have their own personal computers, so we are always ready for starting E-pals Classroom Exchange with your students.

For reference, our students have exchanged with 50 overseas classroom around world since 1999 and We have detailed educational and comprehensive data regarding Korean history and culture, as well as digital pictures, which are all collected by VANK members (15,000 elementary, middle and high school voluntary student members).

Over 15,000 korean students are building skills, enhancing learning, and understanding of other countries cultures with VANK. There are many students who want to meet your students via E-mail or post mail.

Why don't you build a meaningful bridge between you and us on the internet? We can make meaningful relationship, and we can also get great experience of getting access to new culture.

Thanks to technological breakthroughs being made in Internet voice and video communications, VANK is currently dreaming of displaying our student-volunteers' photographs, images, sound and video clips on our homepage to overseas Koreans and foreigners at virtually no expense.

In the process, students will use the latest tools and learn about the incredible technological revolution that is making it all possible. Bring the information superhighway closer to home with VANK.

Who knows, maybe you out there will even be able to meet your student-volunteer friends on your personal computer at home someday.