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Let’s build a bridge to bind Korean and all Asians into one!

We dream a peaceful Asia. We dream the day to change the world by the value of Asia.
We, the VANK who is the cyber diplomatic envoy, is now expanding the international campaign, Asian friends’ club.

This campaign is to build a bridge of meeting that makes all Asians to understand each other, to love each other and to be closer each other more and more.

It is our goal to build a bridge of friendship in the Internet where all Asian can meet together, collecting all the wisdom together and to change whole world by the value of Asia.

The VANK is now inviting the Asians who are interested in international relationship between Korean and Asian and connecting those Asian applicants to Korean partner who are interested in Asian culture of different countries to share their dreams and friendship each other, by Internet pen-pal system.  

And we also convert all Korean volunteers who participate in the Asian Friends’ club to Asia peace makers, and expand various Asian projects to lower the walls between Asian nations and to unite the hearts and hearts of Asians as one.

Until the time when we have more exchange between Korea and other Asian nations and connect all hearts of Asians as one, by our ceaseless strive, we shall not stop dreaming nor acting.

Friends in Asia! Please join the Asian friends’ club of the VANK!

The VANK, a cyber diplomatic envoy, now has over 10,000 Korean volunteers, in different ages from the child to the aged elder, waiting to meet Asian friends, you who join to the Asian friends' club.

Be a Friend of Asia