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A Clean, Attractive and Global city, Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is located in the central part of the Korean peninsula. There flows the Han River (Hangang in Korean) through Seoul and the graceful mountains boast of their scenic beauty. Seoul has been the center of the politics, economy, society, and culture. It was the capital of Baekje Kingdom(18 B.C.- A.D.660) and Joseon Dynasty(1392-1910), thus there are many historic relics within Seoul. The tradition and the cutting edge industry of Korea coexist in Seoul.

Hangang(Han River)
Hangang is the fourth largest river in Korea following the Amnokgang, Dumangang and the Nakdonggang. Its river valley is 497.5km long and 26,219km² which is 27% of the entire area of south Korea.
The name 'Hangang' finally originated when Baekje Kingdom (18 B.C – A.D.660) began trading with Dongjin(the latter period of Jin Dynasty of China, A.D.317-419) and with the introduction of the Chinese culture. Hangang was pronounced 'Hansu' in Chinese and with the passage of time it gradually became known as the Hangang. Hangang originated from the word 'Hangaram', where 'han' means 'Large, wide, long' and 'garam', which is claimed to have been an archaic word for river. It was also called the 'Gyunggang' in the Joseon Dynasty (1392 – 1910).

Hangang Parks
In response to the rapid development of Seoul and in order to provide measures for maintaining water quality of the Hangang, the Hangang Development Project was started in 1982 and completed after four years in 1986.
20 years after the completion, the Hangang Parks have been developed into even-more environment-friendly culture and leisure spaces. Today, 12 parks open across a total area of 39.9 km² and they include 257 facilities such as bicycle and inline skate trails, hiking trails, soccer fields, volleyball courts and basketball courts to make Hangang full of things to do and see.

The Hangang that runs through Seoul provides a retreat from the skyscrapers of the city. Riverside Parks along the banks of the Hangang are a huge flat area with many amenities such as jogging paths, outdoor swimming pools, roller-skatingrinksand other sporting facilities. Floating restaurants and cafes add to the fun.

Nanji District(Camping Area)
This is the only camping area around Hangang that spans along the Hangang river bank where the scenery of Hangang unfolds in various colors. It has an area of 23.141m²and can accommodate up tp 680 people at a time.

Yeouido District
Situated in the middle of the Hangang, Yeouido id nicknamed Korea's Manhattan for its high-rise buildings and its status as the center of Korea's finance, broadcasting and politics.

Ttukseom District
Approximately 104 different types of 420,000 trees in Ttukseom District breathe clean air into Seoul so people call it seoul Forest! It is also called a 'wellbeing park' that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Seonyudo District
Seonyudo is an island park on the Han River where visitors can learn the history of the river, experience an exotic wetland environment, or simply take a rest.

VANK and Seoul, the Soul of Asia, cooperate to promote the image of Seoul as the most friendly and the attractive city to the world. For the first step, we provide the source of tourism and culture of Seoul to the Internationals residents in Seoul.