Letter writing campaign

Dear sir or madam (Textbook publishing company person in charge)

Hello. I express my sincere respect for you to manage the website inspiring and challenging the young people around the world.

I am living in South Korea, and a member of a nongovernmental organization called VANK. VANK is an abbreviation for Voluntary Agency Network of Korea and consists of Korean students from elementary to senior school and other adult volunteers. We are promoting Korea to the world through pen-pal activities with foreign friends from all over the world. Also, we are learning different countries' culture, history, and a leadership of national heroes as a part of an education for world citizenship.

As I have contacted with students in many other countries via emails, I became interested especially in the naval battles and the leadership of national heroes who saved their country from a crisis, often introduced in world history textbooks.

Especially when I studied the naval battles to be a turning point of world naval battles' history and shift the stream of human history such as the battle of Salamis, the battle of Gravelines, and the battle of Trafalgar, counted as the World 3 Naval Battles, I could learn how should I live on the global stage and what should I prepare now to change my own country and the world.

While I read the stories of world naval battles and the biographies of the world heroes introduced in major textbooks, websites, and encyclopedias, I was encouraged to let you know that there is a missing point in your website and your publication.

There is affluent and detailed introduction about the battle of Salamis, the battle of Gravelines, and the battle of Trafalgar with a great deal of weight, but there is little reference on a Korean Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the battle of Hansando.

Admiral Yi Sun-shin is a Korean hero in the 16 century who fought against Japanese invasion upon Joseon for seven and a half years, and won the unprecedented 23 complete victories among the 23 naval battles. It is the unique record in the history of world naval battles as well.

He is not only a national hero who’s been selected as the most respected hero for the Korean people during the 5,000 years of Korean history, but also the one who played a role of the bulwark of peace of East Asia at that time, driving a wedge in Japanese plan to expand their territory to the East Asian countries including China, using South Korea as a stepping-stone.

Furthermore, the battle of Hansan regarded as his representative battle has a historical value and meaning with its innovative strategy and the applicative competence of the fleet. Some experts in naval battles and the Naval Academy appreciated the significance of the battle of Hansan.

You can get the well-organized information about the battle of Hansan, one of the world 4 naval battles, by visiting our website below.


The reason why I especially promote Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the battle of Hansan to you is that many people in the world introduce heroes on the point of western history only.

The world 3 naval battles also exclude the East. In Asia, there are many stories of hidden heroes and leadership having changed the world history.

Your company is standing on the significant position as like a hatchway delivering the right historical facts and truth to the students all around the world.

Thus, it would be mostly appreciated if you introduce Admiral Yi Sun-shin and the battle of Hansan for the balance of the perspective toward the West and the East. If you ask any materials related to Admiral Yi Sun-shin or the battle of Hansan, we will help you as much as we can.

Our wish is to promote the great but hidden Asian heroes to the people in the world through our voluntary effort. And also, we sincerely hope to promote the Korean national image, the peace maker in 21 century in Asia as Admiral Yi Sun-shin was in the past. We’ll look forward to your kind cooperation for our dream to come true.
Faithfully yours,