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Dear all of textbooks publishers

(Textbook publishing company person in charge)

I am a student and a member of VANK living in South Korea. VANK is a non-governmental organization and also a voluntary organization. VANK consists of elementary, middle and high school students who provide correct information about Korea to international textbook publishing companies and publishers. Korea has 5,000 years history, well-matched cultural heritage and has accomplished high-speed economic growth, but these facts have not been introduced well yet in textbooks and publications all over the world. Especially, Koreas developed image was introduced to the world through mass communications, hosting the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, 2002 FIFA Korea/Japan World Cup very successfully but Korean information introduced in international textbooks is still insufficient or incorrect.

First of all most Korean information in international textbooks has been delivered to the world through Japan or China not directly from Korea. Good examples are describing the East Seaas the Sea of Japan, world 13th economic board of trade Korea as a farming country that is underdeveloped, 5,000 years of Korean history as 2,000 years history and describing Korea as the tributary country of Japan and China. These inaccuracies regarding Korea in international textbooks were reflected from the contents in Japanese textbooks without any verification, which were delivered to the world by Japanese scholars after Japanese colonial rule of Korea from 1910 to 1945.

The Historical precedent for the East Sea

We know that you endeavor in many ways to understand other cultures and countries meeting the
21st century (globalization, information- oriented are going on in 21st century). Especially, I think
that society and geography textbooks published by your company contribute greatly to many students understanding of other countries cultures. If you plan to review inaccurate contents about Korea or if you plan to add new contents about Korea in your textbook, please contact to VANK. We have detailed educational and comprehensive data regarding Korean history and culture, as well as digital pictures, which are all collected by VANK members (15,000 elementary, middle and high school voluntary student members). And we can provide you with this information willingly by post or internet without any cost. VANKs desires are that students all over the world can experience correct Korean history and culture by our voluntary effort, taking this opportunity and then sharing dreams and meaningful friendship with the rest of the world.
Sincerely yours.


1) Their claim that the East Sea has some historical precedent worked, as some major book and map publishers, educational web sites and other reference materials now include the East Sea name along with the Sea of Japan.

2) We provide Korean pictures to the Photoatlas.com, you can see the pictures at this site :
http://photoatlas.com/pics/pictures_of_korea. html