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Dear all of geographers

To whoever it may concern:

Recently I visited your website, and was quite surprised to find your maps of Korea and Japan
still describe Korea's 'East Sea' as 'Sea of Japan,' which is incorrect.

Such an error in a well known website as yours comes as a surprise since we regard you as one of the world's best.

Using a proper name for the body of water between the Korean peninsula and the Japanese archipelago is not simply a question of changing the name of a geographical feature.

It is rather a part of national effort by the Korean people to erase the legacy of Japanese Imperialism and to redress the unfairness that has resulted from it. It is an absolutely mistaken thing to hear one side of story and follow. If we let this kind of things alone, it brings about a serious problem to disturb order of International society.

For your reference, the world's largest commercial mapmaker, National Geographic, worldatlas.com,
and the travel guidebook, Lonely Planet Publication promised us that they would now use the name 'East Sea.' In addition, National Geographic and Lonely Planet are already using the name,
'East Sea' in their website after we pointed out the error.

As a member of VANK, I urge you to use 'East Sea' to describe the body of water in question or both Korean and Japanese designation simultaneously (e.g. 'East Sea/Sea of Japan') in all your documents and atlases.

Once Korea and Japan agree on a common designation, which is in accord with the general rule of international cartography, we can then follow the agreed-on designation.

We would be grateful for your explanation.

Yours very truly,

VANK, Cyber Civilian Diplomat in Korea, consisted of 10,000 Korean voluntary people.

mailto: eastsea@prkorea.org

Thank you, and we would appreciate your favorable consideration.

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