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Goguryeo in Korean History

Throughout 5,000 history of Korea, Goguryeo is meaningful, and Significant to all Korean.
A leading power during the Three Kingdoms period, Goguryeo occupied the present territory of North Korea and also held sway over the vast Manchurian region for some 700 years until the late 7th century AD. By the 4th century, Goguryeo had been firmly established as a powerful kingdom and frequently clashed with China, while successfully containing its southern rivals.


With the unification of the Three Kingdoms by Shilla, the Korean people, except for those of Koguryo still living in Manchuria, were able to form a single nation under one government and one system. In Manchuria, the Kingdom of Parhae was founded with the people of Koguryo at its center, but after the destruction of Parhae which lasted for over 220 years, Manchuria drifted away from Korea's national activities. Unified Shilla amalgamated the cultures of the Three Kingdoms and was influenced by the Tang culture to develop an advanced national culture. Buddhism flowered and was propagated among the populace. The arts of creating temples, Buddhist images, stone pagodas, stone lanterns, and Buddhist bells were developed. Many monks and Hwarangs composed Hyangga and aristocrats wrote literature in Chinese.