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Goguryeo in Korean History

Throughout 5,000 history of Korea, Goguryeo is meaningful, and Significant to all Korean.
A leading power during the Three Kingdoms period, Goguryeo occupied the present territory of North Korea and also held sway over the vast Manchurian region for some 700 years until the late 7th century AD. By the 4th century, Goguryeo had been firmly established as a powerful kingdom and frequently clashed with China, while successfully containing its southern rivals.


After overcoming the national disasters of repeated invasions, the Choson Dynasty promoted reforms in the government, economy and military, which gradually restored stabilization. In the 18th century, under the reigns of King Yongjo and King Chongjo, Choson was able to stabilize the government and society, develop its industries, promote Practical Learning and develop a popular culture. Choson, thus, underwent a period of restoration. But in the 19th century the Choson society again experienced confusion. During the 60 years of continuous rule by members of the queen's family, the farmers were impoverished, social unrest heightened, and popular rebellions spread. Even through persecution, Catholicism expanded, and the influence of the newly-founded ideas of Tonghak began to gradually grow among the peasants. In the latter part of Choson, Western civilization was introduced into our country through China.