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Goguryeo in Korean History

Throughout 5,000 history of Korea, Goguryeo is meaningful, and Significant to all Korean.
A leading power during the Three Kingdoms period, Goguryeo occupied the present territory of North Korea and also held sway over the vast Manchurian region for some 700 years until the late 7th century AD. By the 4th century, Goguryeo had been firmly established as a powerful kingdom and frequently clashed with China, while successfully containing its southern rivals.


Koryo, which successfully reunified the country, arranged its political and social structures around Confucian political ideology, and developed an aristocrat-centered society and culture. In the latter half of the 12th century the military rebelled against the civilian structure, and the Koryo society underwent a great deal of disturbance under the military regime. Later, Koryo was invaded by the Yuan Dynasty and underwent many trials to maintain its independence, but it continued to make steady efforts to keep its independence. During the period of the Koryo Dynasty, the national culture developed greatly. Confucian and Buddhist cultures were amalgamated and many cultural exchanges were made with foreign countries. Koryo developed the use of type setting as well as the use of metal types. In addition, Koryo's blue ceramics demonstrate the artistic talents and creative capabilities of its people.